Scammers hijack YouTube to send out phishing emails from authentic account

YouTube, a widely-used video-sharing platform with billions of users, has recently become a target for phishing attacks. The platform’s Share Video by Email feature is being exploited by scammers, who are sending phishing emails that appear genuine. YouTube has become aware of this issue and is warning users to exercise caution.

According to a recent tweet by YouTube, a new phishing scam involves emails being sent from an authentic YouTube account, with the email address [email protected]. Social media content creator Kevin Breeze informed YouTube about the scam and noted that it is not a spoofed email, but rather an abuse of the video-sharing system. This indicates that scammers are taking advantage of the platform’s sharing system to send these emails.

The phishing email closely resembles those seen in previous phishing scams, containing a YouTube video and a message about YouTube’s new monetization policy and rules. Additionally, the email includes a Google Drive link with a password to open it. To add urgency, users are informed that they have only 7 days to review and respond, or they will lose access to their YouTube account.

In order to ensure their safety, users are being advised to exercise caution and remain vigilant. They should avoid responding to messages from unfamiliar senders, carefully review emails even if they appear to be sent from the official email address of the company, and activate two-factor authentication as an added security measure.

Be on the lookout for a new phishing scam targeting YouTube users and disregard any emails from YouTube that promise to provide information about “Changes in YouTube rules and policies | Check the Description.”

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