Your Data is at Risk!: Delete these Apps from your Android now 

Two of the file management apps on Playstore are found to be spyware apps. With around 1.5 million users these apps are sending sensitive user data to China. 

Pradeo, well known mobile cybersecurity company, recently expose two apps, File Recovery & Data Recovery, and File Manager as spyware apps collecting user data and sending them to the servers in China. These two apps are silently putting the security and privacy of its user at risk. 

As per Pradeo’s article, both apps are from the same developer named Wang Tom that can be seen on Playstore. These apps are designed to launch without any user interaction and silently send the user’s sensitive data to China. The identified two apps declined the news of data leakage. 

Android spyware app issue

The data that was being collected were the user’s contacts, pictures, audio, videos, network details, device details, country, and so much more. These apps are still found on the Play Store and have not been deleted yet.

Pradero also states that these two apps keep their home screen icon hidden just to make it difficult for the users to remove them. They can also exploit the permissions granted by the user during installation to restart the device and initiate operations in the background.

It is recommended to uninstall the File Recovery & Data Recovery or File Manager installed on your device immediately, check reviews before installing any device and thoroughly read the permission policy before accepting any permission request.   

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