US Limitations On China’s Ability to Use Cloud Computing Services

Recently the US is seen considering imposing limitations on China’s ability to utilize cloud computing services like Inc. and Microsoft Corp to safeguard their advanced technology. This US limitation on China’s ability to use cloud computing services is reported by one of the famous journals.

On Tuesday, July 4, Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden government is planning to impose limitations on the access of Chinese companies to U.S. cloud computing services. 

As per this new change, cloud computing services are required to seek permission from the government before entertaining any Chinese company. This is especially for the Chinese companies that train Artificial intelligence models for Chinese customers.  

This measure to expected to be implemented saloon in the coming months with strict control. As the largest and major cloud computing service providers, Microsoft and Amazon have not responded to this measure under consideration yet. 

The rivalry between the US and China is now making its impact on the technological ground as well as on trade and commerce. Both parties are implementing different controls and bans on the trade of various products no matter if they are digital or tangible.

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