Twitter introduces new API with free, basic, and enterprise tiers

Twitter has announced its long-awaited new API price structures. The new system offers three tiers: a free level, a basic level costing $100 per month, and an expensive enterprise level. Each tier includes access to the Ads API at no cost. However, the company will be discontinuing old access levels such as Standard, Essential, and Elevated within the next 30 days. The free level is mainly for content posting bots, while the other two tiers are intended for businesses seeking more advanced features.

Twitter’s new API pricing structure is being criticized as a money-making scheme. The free tier only allows for 1,500 post requests per month and the basic tier, intended for students or hobbyists, offers 50,000 post requests and 10,000 read requests per app per month. For those who need more data access, the enterprise plan, which costs $42,000 a month, is the only option. Twitter previously offered multiple access levels with v2 in 2020, but now developers with high usage will have to subscribe to the enterprise plan. Some developers have already encountered the limit while trying to subscribe to the new basic tier.

In its latest announcement, Twitter acknowledged the need to cater to the academic community, but did not provide any concrete solutions. The company suggested that researchers could subscribe to the free, basic, or enterprise tiers while it explores new ways to serve them. However, the free and basic tiers may not be sufficient for academic purposes, while the enterprise tier may be too expensive for some projects.

These recent developments have led to frustration among developers, with Twitter shutting down various developer-related projects over the past year, including Twitter Toolbox. Additionally, the company’s decision to shut out third-party clients without clear communication and change its developer terms without notice has further alienated the developer community.

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