Microsoft Unveils Tool for Cybersecurity Empowered by Generative AI: Security CoPilot

Microsoft has unveiled a new tool called Security Copilot, designed to incorporate generative AI into its range of products. The tool aims to provide an overview of threat intelligence, correlating data on attacks while prioritizing security incidents.

“Advancing the state of security requires both people and technology — human ingenuity paired with the most advanced tools that help apply human expertise at speed and scale. With Security Copilot we are building a future where every defender is empowered with the tools and technologies necessary to make the world a safer place.”

Charlie Bell (Microsoft Executive Vice President)

Security Copilot will be integrated with Microsoft’s existing security portfolio, and the company claims it will be enhanced by generative AI models from OpenAI, including the recently launched text-generating GPT-4.

“AI-generated content can contain mistakes. As we continue to learn from these interactions, we are adjusting its responses to create more coherent, relevant and useful answers.”


The model is designed to “catch what other approaches might miss” by answering security-related questions, advising on the best course of action, and summarizing events and processes. Microsoft has emphasized that the model isn’t trained on customer data, and the company acknowledges that AI-generated content can contain mistakes.

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