A New Bee in The Town: Meta Launches Threads v/s Twitter

Meta officially launches Threads, Instagram’s “text-based conversation app.” This messaging app similar to Twitter is supposed to give tough competition to its competitor, Twitter. 

The new messaging app Thread was officially released and announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, on Wednesday 6th of July. Some of the changes on the Twitter platform by the arrival of Elon Musk were disturbing its user experience and many of its users were fleeing from the platform. Meta, avail the opportunity and launched Twitter’s rival to accommodate those users and step into the market. 

Instagram users can easily now access this new messaging app, Threads with their Instagram username and password. The users can also follow the same accounts as they do on Instagram. On this app, Instagram users can have conversations and discuss everything and every kind of topic.  

Any user can write a short form of text with a limit of 500 characters a post and there is also a facility to add videos, photos, and carousel. Similar to other social media platforms, users here can also like, comment and repost different posts. An important point for verified users is that they can also import their verified check marks to Threads as well.  

Threads is available on the iOS Appstore and Android Playstore in several countries to download for free. 

Just after the launch on a Wednesday evening, Mark Zuckerberg actively mentioned the early success of the Threads app by the crossing of 2 million signups. 

Mark Zuckerberg Threads

The recent Twitter mishaps paved the way for other brands to step into the market as an opportunity and help the user in need. Threads is a user-friendly app and makes waves already with bulks and bulks of signups.

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