Google’s New Privacy Tool: Track and Delete search results about you

Google will now send you an alert via notification whenever your private information appears on the internet. You can now track and delete search results about you appearing on websites.

On 3 August, Google shared the good news for its privacy-concerned users that it will now send an alert to the users whenever their personal information appears anywhere online. You can review that search about your personal information and remove it as per your choice. It is easy now to search and remove your information and details from its search result. 

A new dashboard will be added to the Google App’s “Results about you” area in the upcoming days so you may swiftly ask for the removal of specific data from search. Or you can also put your information in the dashboard and it will automatically show the websites that contain your information. After reviewing the websites you can request the removal of your information. l

Your personal information can include your home and email addresses, as well as your phone number. When new results from the web appear with your information, the app will also let you know.

Google’s New Privacy Tool

This new tool is currently available in the U.S. and in the English language. The point to note here is that this removal does not remove or delete your information from the internet but just from the website. 

It also added that it is also taking a measure of blurring the explicit images by default. Like it will show the images blur form if you search for something like an accident or something like that. If you desired to see it then you can allow it. 

This is a good initiative by Google to launch such a tool for the security and privacy of its users in this insecure digital world. A number of Google users will utilize this feature to maintain their security and privacy.  

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