Google Bard’s New Features: It can talk and use images now

Recently Google announced the new features of its AI Chatbot Bard. It can now communicate by using images and the ability to talk with audio in the responses. This new update by Google is available all over the world including European Union. 

Google released a blog on July 13, 2023, where it announced these new feature updates. Along with the audio and image option, it has also added over 40 languages and the ability to work in several other places like Brazil and the European Union. 

The responses of Google Bard can now be heard just by selecting the sound icon. These responses can be listened to in 40 different languages effortlessly. As for the adding image feature in your prompt, you just have to upload the image in the prompt and ask your query about it. Bard is calling this option a Google lens This is available in the English language for now but more pictures will be added soon.     

Along with these major features, several other features like the change of style and tone. Bard can be styled in five different options. In Bard, you can select whether you want a simple, long, short, professional, or casual response. This feature is also available in the English language. 

Google Bard

You can also pin and rename the conversation of your choice and review your older response. This feature support 40 different languages. The Python codes can be shared with your friends using Bard. 

Google Bard

The world is changing now with the arrival of AI and the way things work. More and more advanced features are appearing that are proving helpful to the users. Similarly just like ChatGPT, Claude, and other AI chatbots, Google’s Bard wants to lead this AI race by bringing more advanced features.

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