Claude 2-We have got a ChatGPT rival now

We have got another strong OpenAI ChatGPT rival now in the AI race, Claude 2.  Claude 2 is available for the public and now you can access it just like other AI chatbots but with some improvements. 

Anthropic, is an AI startup company that was built two years back by the former OpenAI researchers, Daniela and Dario Amodei. On Tuesday 11th of July, they announced the release of their own language model AI chatbot, Claude 2 that will be available for the public to use. This is the second version of  Claude 1 that was available for business users only. 

“We really feel that this is the safest version of Claude that we’ve developed so far, and so we’ve been very excited to get it into the hands of a wider range of both businesses and individual consumers.”

Daniela Amodei- Co-foundeder Anthropic

Claude is more advanced and has enhancements in numerous fields like maths, reasoning skills, and coding. It can assist you the way any other chatbot like ChatGPT assists you. It is currently available in US and UK regions and they are planning to expand its wings to other regions as well in the coming months.



Claude 2 can perform various functions which include, a summary of up to 75,000 words, large data sets can also be included, writing, coding, and translation, and can also answer your questions.  It is trained on recent data for example the mix of the websites, third-party data sets, and the data willingly provided by the users from early 2023. 

We can observe high competition in the race for the AI chatbot and the overall AI world. This healthy competition is trying its best to serve humans through technology that’s why advanced and improved AI chatbots can be seen, Claude is one of the examples of it alongside ChatGPT, Google Bard, and several others. 

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