Google vs Hackers: A New Security Update by Google to Fight Hackers

Google is releasing a new security update for Chrome Browsers to protect its users from hackers.

To address the rising patch gap issue that allows threat actors more time to attack publicly disclosed n-day and zero-day defects, Google improved the frequency of Google Chrome security updates from bi-weekly to weekly. This change in update frequency falls in line with the release of Google Chrome 116.

Google cites Chromium, an open-source project on which Chrome is built, as one factor in its motivation. Chromium is transparent. Its source code, as well as all conversations and upcoming changes, are completely open to the public. The data can be used by more skilled hackers to identify flaws they can take advantage of. 

Attackers now have a significantly smaller window of time to operate within thanks to the reduction in the number of days between security patches from the previous average of 15 to seven days. The patch gap problem and the potential of n-day exploits aren’t resolved by more frequent updates, Google warns in its announcement 

“Not all security bug fixes are used for n-day exploitation. But we don’t know which bugs are exploited in practice, and which aren’t, so we treat all critical and high severity bugs as if they will be exploited,”

Chrome Security Team member Amy Ressler.

Any security flaws and vulnerabilities that Google has identified can be avoided by simply installing and updating your browser. So keep an eye out for the security update notification and immediately take action on it. 

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