Cyber Attack Alert: 12 Norwegian Government Ministries Hit by Cyber Attack

In a statement by Norway’s Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, 12 Norwegian government ministries were hit by cyber-attacks.  

Europe’s largest gas supplier and NATO’s northernmost member faced this cyber attack on Monday, 24th of July which is extremely concerning for the Norwegian government. Police and the government are looking into this cyber attack that is still under investigation. 

“We identified a weakness in the platform of one of our suppliers. That weakness has now been shut,”

Erik Hope, head of the government agency in charge of providing services to ministries

Erik Hope further told the press that the Prime minister’s office, and foreign, defense and justice ministries remained secure from these attacks because of a different IT platform they use. 

A month back Norway Norway’s state sector went through a DDoS attack. The Norwegian government blamed a  “criminal pro-Russian group”. Norway is a NATO member and shares a border with Russia and due to the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, these kinds of activities have increased. 
The Norwegian government is already alerted and taking prompt actions to deal with these attacks and taking measures to reduce the risk of cyber attacks in the future. 

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